Each year as Lent approaches, I wonder, “What shall I sacrifice this year…” I’m often left wondering and wondering then eventually coming up short! (One year, I gave up pork and I haven’t had much pork since. In fact, I haven’t had pork in over a year…) Some years as you see, I do pretty good. Other times, I don’t make it a week.  This year however, I am determined to get through my sacrifice as a “winner…”

So, this year, I’ve decided to give up Facebook (FB) and peanuts. Many that I’ve told chuckled and some even down right laughed at me.  How uncool is that!? Pffffffffft…One guy in particular said, “I can think of many other things to give up than FB…” WOW! Now that was blunt! Well, to that, I say, “This is my sacrifice to make and not for anyone else…”

I came up with this because of two comments. One constantly coming from my son, “You must be on FB again…” And the other coming from a friend of mine; he said, “You’re addicted to FB, no addiction is ever good.” I laughed both comments off until I really thought about it. I ‘kinda’ was always on FB and perhaps I am a bit addicted. I would wake up at 2am, run to the restroom, get back in bed and like clockwork, get on FB! FB is like the Big Apple; it never sleeps and neither did I!

So today, as I start Day 5 of this sacrifice, I can tell you, this has not been easy…for several reasons.

  • In addition to a good laugh, I use FB for recruiting and marketing for work via status updates and group postings. 
  • I depend on some of my groups for diet tips, workout tips, and just overall support.
  • It’s my downtime go to App!

Over the past few days, I’ve wished that I could update my status with something funny that happened, I miss my morning inspirational crew, I wanted to post this super cool video I saw on Youtube, and hell, I simply wanted to be nosy on Valentines Day! #DontJudgeME! LOL

How I Prepped

  • I turned of all of my FB notifications that came directly to my phone the night before!
  • I blocked FB from laptops, phone, tablet, and my son’s desktop!
  • I turned off all FB updates coming directly to my e-mail.
  • I wrote down any birthdays that will happen from now until Easter Sunday (Although I can’t find the list but many of those people, I don’t have there phone numbers.)
  • Any events that I was schedule to attend via FB is now on my calendar of events on my desktop and I have a contact person on the “inside” to keep me in the loop of any changes! (What ever happened to evites? Ugh…LOL)
  • Oh and I collected all phone numbers and e-mail addresses that I absolutely needed (and wanted!) Some is still in my FB inbox…Oooops, I’ll get with y’all come April!

As far as my diet is concerned, I am using My Fitness Pal more and tracking my workout as well! I also started C25K (again) and I’m tracking that via Run Keeper. I am still getting used to this App! There’s been some changes since I last used it but it serves it purpose. For business purposes, I am actually having more face time with clients and potential clients so, I can’t even use FB as my crutch there. I’ve also signed up for LinkedIn, I’ll work on updating my profile this week and continue getting use to the site.  I’ll share my profile next time with you all. My goal is to become a bit more familiar with the website and build lasting business connections.

All in all, I guess it’s not so bad after all for giving up FB! Peanuts…we’ll have to revisit this one in a few days. As I predicted, this would be the most difficult one for me. The struggle is real…I have a full container in my kitchen, peanut butter in the cabinets, and I don’t really eat chocolate like THAT, but I have some Reese’s Pieces in my truck! All of which are untouched…SO FAR! We’ll see how this goes…I’ll update you all on that within the next few days. Until then, be blessed darlings. 🙂


I read somewhere, “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up…”


I have yo-yo diet almost my entire adult life. And although I thought that I was constantly starting over, in all actuality, I never really began…until my doctor said, “your blood pressure is high Jai, you’ll need to get in under control or I’ll have to give you a prescription for pills.” Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t even remember to take my daily vitamins let alone blood pressure pills! Of course I did what was right…RIGHT?

NO, not at all! I continued doing what came natural to me which was, over eating, pretty much everyday with everything; but CARBS, carbs were my absolute favorite. I could eat bread with every meal and every snack, hell, I fantasized about making bread. It didn’t occur to me that I was digging my own grave until I went back to my doctor for a refill for migraine pills and sleeping pills (I’ll take those because when those pain triggers hit, I had a reaction.) He said to me, “Your blood pressure is 153/101…” I’ll never forget that day! It was like a light switch went on…we continued a conversation about having “the surgery” That conversation scared me…I thought, “people die from getting their tonsils removed and he’s sending me to a specialist for gastric? NAW…” Maybe my thoughts are a bit extreme but, I certainly didn’t want to have surgery for something that I was more than capable of accomplishing on my own. I’m not saying that it’s not necessary for some, but it wasn’t an option at that time for me and it’s still not an option today.

That was over a year ago, when I started this”diet…” I laugh at that word because it’s a temporary fix. A band-aid even. But you can’t put a band-aid on an unclean wound. Needless to say, I’m no longer on a diet, I call it, changes, to be a better me! I like that! Don’t you? Diets are reversible…changes are inevitable. With that said, positive changes to your normal way of living is needed to have permanent life changing results.

Today as I scheduled my follow up to see my doctor, I got excited for my visit because I think I’ve finally got it; what he’s been telling me all these years! Eat right and exercise…Right now I have a total weight RELEASE of 27 pounds! (My buddy AyJay says release because when you lose something, you do your darndest to find it, and will do just about anything to get it back. But when you release a thing…it’s gone for good. I kinda dig that…she gets a high five!) Over 12 inches gone from my body, and I am pain  just about everyday; that GOOD workout pain that is. As for my headaches and sleepless nights, I haven’t had one all month, that is very exciting for me because those were daily occurrences. Anyway, I’d like to return for my follow up when I’ve dropped 40 pounds. I’ll continue focusing on those life changes until I get to that mini goal. Oh and my BP…I’ll follow up in a future post how that’s doing. I’m pretty confident that I’ll have a lower and much healthier reading.

Until next time, I wish you all great health and a healthier lifestyle! 🙂


Accountability Update

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Weight Loss Total: 18.9lbs (Since 10/1/2012)

That’s pretty darn impressive considering how much pie and eggnog I’ve had since the Holiday season began.  When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was completely prepared for a larger number. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. (Below is my happy dance…LOL REALLY, I do this in front of my full length mirror when I have a great scale reading! OR my best rendition of it…)

Although I’m very pleased with my results thus far, I’ve been slacking. I’ve missed so many workouts over the last few weeks, I’ve lost count. And, I’ll tell ya…my body feels it. NOT in a good way either!

Physically, mentally, and spiritually, I’m all out of whack. Dealing with a sick parent has drained me both physically and mentally. Losing sleep, over thinking certain decisions, and neglecting what’s important to me; like exercise.  All of  which needs correction and fast. Spiritually though, God is still in control. It’s awesome to have that strong foundation.

My diet these days: Ummmmm…let’s revisit this next week! Just kidding…But really, what diet!? I was in New York and New Jersey last weekend; my diet was completely annihilated with that visit. Poof…GONE, just like that! Since I’m on the topic of  food, I need to tell you all about the most amazing omelette ever. It had avocados in it, and just a lot of goodness…so YUMMY! Oooooo…and I had cheese cake too. AMAZING…okay, okay, I think my #FATGIRL moment is over, for now. But that omelette alone had to be over 500 calories. None of which I even bothered to burn during a workout. #ShameOnME

  • Fruit intake: BLAH (with  the exception of an apple and/or banana daily)
  • Veggie Intake: DOUBLE BLAH
  • Water Intake: Stayed constant (Yay me…LOL)

Exercise these days: Non existent with the exception of walking to the car, bus, or train; a quick hustle into a building, a sprint to a restroom, or a skip to the bank.  That’s about all I’ve got as far as exercise is concerned. And my achy body sure hate me for it. I feel so much better when I workout. Even a bit more pleasant. This brings me to mood…

My mood is iffy. I really wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of my own attitude. LOL…it kinda sucks! Poor things…I really do hope that I haven’t snapped (unnecessarily of course) or had any crazy mood swings. YIKES! I think I should fix that this week. I do attribute my pleasant demeanor, brighter smile, and leaner body to my more active lifestyle.

Week at a Glance:

  1. Begin meditating again in the mornings followed by a 30 minute walk.
  2. Alter my diet to include more fruits and leafy green vegetables  CHILL with the pie, eggnog, and wine!
  3. Exercise (more high intensity cardio) in the afternoons. Pretty much, GET back to routine.
  4. Smile MORE: I may even tell someone new that I love them…(NAW, that may get me in trouble.)

With that, tune in next Sunday: Jai’s Accountability Update Part Deux. Same bat-time, same bat-channel! In the interim, let’s all work it out.

Everyone always wants to know, “What takes you so long in the grocery store…” I read my labels, that’s why! Sometimes it’s worth the extra 30 minutes to read and understand your labels. I don’t purchase my foods based on what’s on sale. Here’s a look at one of my favorite snacks.

In addition to the nutrition facts listed above, you must also read the listed ingredients (I didn’t get a picture of those…well, I did, it’s just NOT as pretty as the one above.) Anyway, avoid anything with ADDED SUGARS.<—-Great guideline to help you with choosing healthier foods! For me, it’s totally ok to have a cookie every now and then but I wanted a healthier option seen above.  This is the Kashi Oatmeal Raisin w/ Flax. Did I mention that I just love these cookies? LOVE…LOVE…LOVE! If anyone has a favorite snack, please share…I have a major sweet tooth! Mmmmm…

I love to walk…especially during the Spring and Fall months. Nature’s ambiance is so calming, it relaxes me  in such a way that the 30-45 minutes I’ve set aside for walking passes by swiftly. With these seasons also bring about one little problem for me; motivation or should I say, the lack thereof. When it’s cold and damp outside, I would much rather sleep in or catch up on my DVR recordings. My warm and cozy couch, a steamy cup of ginger tea, and the remote…so, you see how I’m easily dissuaded? It doesn’t take much…Knowing this, I needed to eliminate the temptations of my VERY comfy couch, make the ginger tea my reward, and use the remote as a tool to keep me walking. I did my homework, here’s some in home walking workouts that I found:

So now  that I’ve eliminated my excuse, I should be ready to do the damn thing right? (I wish that I could insert the Family Feud buzzer for WRONG right here…) Although my motivations are numerous, at any given moment, the source of my motivation can shift. Luckily for me, my support system is made up of some amazing people. In fact, as I thought about writing this blog entry, I stopped and thought about WHO and WHAT inspired me to get up and workout. Although our goals are clear, resources made available, and we’re ABLE, sometimes, that’s simply not enough to get us moving into the right direction.

Who or what motivates you?  When you don’t want to get up, what gets you up? When you’d rather just chill after work…how do you find the strength to do those “not so easy” things? For me, love is my primary motivation…the love that I give and receive from all corners of my life. It drives me…it gets me up and out to do what I said I would do! For you, it could be something totally different. I’ll look forward to reading all about your motivations.


“You eat to live…not live to eat!” A phrase that I now silently say before many of my meal choices…just to keep me on track. Especially when eating away from home. Or for those moments when I want to grab a quick snack for a road trip.  I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, those moments can be frustrating and sometimes overwhelming. There are so many questions and concerns that comes to my mind:

  • How many calories?
  • I wonder what kind of oil they use?
  • Is this gluten free?
  • Can I get whole grain?
  • Does this place sell seafood?
  • Is this stuff overly processed?

Lately, to ease the many questions, I’ve simply opted for water and a salad…hold the cheese and dressing please! Knowing that I’ve struggled with obesity for as long as I  can remember, I needed a drastic change if I had any plans on improving my health and my lifestyle. Some of you may be reading this thinking, “You’re over complicating things…” Oh, but I’m not!  I’ve tried all of those simple diets.  Those making guarantees to lose 21 pounds in 21 days; Lose 10 pounds a week or your money back!  I’ve tried it all:

  • Apple Cider Diet
  • Lemonade Diet
  • South Beach Diet
  • Cabbage Diet
  • And MANY more…

If it was popular, I tried it!  If they liked it, I loved it! Don’t ask me who “they” are…LOL I tried pills, potions, lotions, heck, everything; you know, the less complicated way to do things. Or so I thought!  Here I am after years of dieting thinking, “Gee…I’ve completely failed at this thing, I’m going to be forever over weight!” Of course that thought was short-lived because here I am again. Now more than ever, I’m educated about the foods to put into my body, supplements to help my body running well and exercise. It all works together well…I’ve also realized the BIG secret that no one ever told me. Or maybe they did but I just didn’t quite get it. “Eat to Live…NOT live to eat!” I had a light bulb moment. It’s a lifestyle and not a simple diet. Which is why those mentioned above never worked for me. Fighting obesity takes extreme measures. It requires time spent on prepping ALL of your meals. I’ll be the first to say, it hasn’t been the easiest transition. I’m no expert; yet! Hell, I’m still trying to figure this thing out. One thing that I do know though, I’m looking forward to when all of this doesn’t seem so extreme.

Small Efforts…Big Rewards

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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Robert Collier

I have a new 90 day goal; drop two dress sizes by my birthday on 12/20/12. I am thinking,”…really Jai? REALLY? And you’re going to also  keep an online diary of EVERYTHING? Great…” Looking forward to sharing with everyone for the next 90 days and beyond.

Expect the unexpected from me; I have a list of  what seems to be “impossible” things that I’d like to accomplish! Why don’t you come along for the ride?